Organization Services

Rent-A-Wife has professionals to help you organize and declutter your home - from clearing out and reorganizing linen closets and laundry rooms to garage makeovers to floor-by-floor reorganization. We also offer guidance on infrastructure needs, such as shelving and hooks, to make the best possible use of each area being organized.

  • Home organizing and decluttering
  • Downsizing and Moving
  • Hoarding management
  • Inventory of household effects

Home Organizing and Decluttering

Our consultant will meet with you to set your priority areas, come up with a plan how to proceed and determine what supplies you need to begin the process. We'll help you determine which items to discard, recycle, donate or store. Rent-A-Wife has full services to remove all outgoing content to the appropriate place.

Hoarding Management

At Rent A Wife, we've learned that patience and a nonjudgmental, compassionate attitude are essential when helping people make their way through this process. The important thing is that you've made the decision to improve your living or working space and to move forward with your life. We'll help you determine which areas of your house need the most attention and set reasonable goals to get those areas functioning. Rent-A-Wife has full services to remove all outgoing content to the appropriate place. We understand the importance of follow-up and moral support to maintain your new space.
Packing and unpacking boxes to help you set up your new home efficiently

Downsizing and Moving

  • Moving from a house to an apartment or condo
  • A senior moving into a seniors home
  • Dealing with the household effects of a deceased person.

Inventory of Household Effects

For insurance purposes we will inventory all items in your household. This service also relates to those on military and foreign service leave. For estate purposes, an inventory of all household items will help with distribution. Rent A Wife can help you decide what will go where and physically remove items to the garbage, charity and relatives