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Decluttering and getting organized

Are you tired of not being able to find what you need when you need it? Are you afraid to open your closet doors for fear of facing an avalanche of items precariously stuffed into every nook and cranny of your home? Or perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home and are at a loss as to how to set things up in the most effective and space-saving way.

Rent A Wife has people who specialize in helping you get rid of stuff you no longer need and that prevents you from being able to function efficiently. They can help you organize your home or office in a way that will save you time and energy because you’ll know just where to find what you need instead of having to guess where it might be. In fact, they say that roughly 25% of what we buy are things we already have but can’t find so we end of buying them again. Imagine the time, energy and money you could save by getting organized!

Not that funny

Decluttering has become a trendy buzzword these days and people often joke about being hoarders or collectors. But the truth is, having too much clutter in your home or office can lead to hating your living or working space and to an overwhelming sense of being out of control. There’s nothing funny about that. By getting your life in order, you begin to feel energy flowing once again and return balance to your life.

No job too small or big

Rent A Wife deals with a wide variety of this kind of work – from clearing out and reorganizing linen closets and laundry rooms to garage makeovers to floor-by-floor decluttering and organizing. In addition to helping you make decisions about what should leave your home and where it should go, we can physically remove items for donation or refuse. We also offer guidance on infrastructure needs, such as shelving and hooks, to make the best possible use of each area being organized.

Supplies you’ll need

Whether you engage Rent A Wife to help you or plan to do the job yourself, the following list of items will help make the job of getting organized easier.

Plastic bins – clear ones that can be seen through are preferable but opaque ones can be clearly marked with the contents

Cardboard boxes – for storage items

Felt markers – to mark boxes, bins, make signs for bins, etc.

Letter or legal-size paper – to make signs for designated areas for throway items, donations, selling, etc.; also for easy-to-read signage for bins and boxes.

Different coloured plastic garbage bags – to transport items; pick one colour for charity donations, one for garbage, one for selling (garage sale, e-bay, etc.); another for giving to friends, family. This system helps ensure that items meant for donating or selling don’t end up in the trash.

Large tarpaulins – for use in garage or outdoors to place items leaving the area. They could be colour-coordinated with the corresponding plastic bags; i.e. green for throwaways, blue for donation, etc.

Attitude is everything

At Rent A Wife, we’ve learned that patience and a nonjudgmental, compassionate attitude are essential when helping people make their way through this process. The important thing is that you’ve made the decision to improve your living or working space and to move forward with your life. If you are doing the work yourself, try to have a good friend who can also adopt the characteristics of patience and compassion.

Remember it took a while for the space to become cluttered and disorganized and it will take time to clear things up. Set reasonable goals for yourself and for the area. Working with one quarter of a room at a time can help you from becoming overwhelmed.

We also find it helpful to ask people to visualize the end result of an area cleanup and reorganization. This serves to help keep you motivated when fatigue or frustration sets in during the process of getting organized. Rewarding yourself with a new craft room or exercise space or being able to actually put your car in your garage can spur you on to finish a job that may involve tough decisions and much energy on your part.

Cleaning – an essential part of getting organized

Because the job may involve disturbing items that have not been moved in quite some time there may be some rather unpleasant discoveries such as insects, rodents or mould as well as the inevitable dust and dirt. Rent A Wife workers know that cleaning as we move through this process an important part of the work and one we are prepared to do as we clear out the space.

Maintaining organization

Committing to the process of getting rid of clutter and organizing your space is a great beginning that will have many benefits in your life. But equally important is your commitment to making sure that the newly spruced up area remains that way. Whether it’s asking for help from Rent A Wife or doing the maintenance yourself, please do not neglect this important step. A backslide to how things used to be would be very disheartening and you’d lose the benefits of saved time and energy.

Related projects

Rent A Wife has found that the same skills used by their workers for organizing are also helpful in other big jobs you may face. Keep us in mind should you need us for the following.

Pre-move clean sweep: moving is costly and stressful so think about what you can clear out before the move. This way you won’t be paying to pack and move items that serve no purpose in your life. This step also makes cleaning easier – a vital step before you put your home on the market.

Downsizing: Whether it’s you or your parents who plan to move to a smaller space, some serious decisions and action will need to be taken to fit comfortably into a new home with less square footage.

Painting / Floor refinishing: Things like having your home painted, new flooring installed or your hardwood floors refinished often involve moving all your furniture from rooms where work will be done. Rent A Wife can send a team of workers to help with large projects like this. Once the work is completed, items will be returned to a clean, well organized space and you’ll enjoy the look that comes from a fresh coat of paint or new flooring.

Estate moves: If you are responsible for clearing out the home of someone who has passed away, Rent A Wife can help you decide what will go where and physically remove items to the garbage, charity or relatives. This would be followed by a thorough cleaning of the space so the home can be put on the market or be made available for you to move into.